discover Keys diving

Discover Scuba Diving $275.00

Non certification program

Get the scuba diving experience in one day. 

Learn basic scuba skills and enjoy diving in the ocean without the hassle of taking the full course. 

Scuba Diving classes

Online educational materials available allowing you to study at your own pace. 

PADI eLearning courses are available to purchase for additional fees.  Log in anywhere with your phone, ipad, or laptop and relax and complete lessons online. 

From just a  Scuba Review  to PADI Dive Theory, it is online waiting for you. 

  Email us today for your course code.

PAdi Divemaster   $850

Want to work on a dive boat?  Or guide someone on a wreck?   Then become a DIVEMASTER.  PADI Divemaster course will take you to the professional level.  Learn to master your dive skills, recognize divers in distress, manage dive boat trips, conduct learning sessions for entry level scuba classes, and learn the science behind diving.

  explore everything the ocean has to offer,

dive the florida keys

padi open water certification  $625.00

Entry level certification

Private scuba instruction.   One on one instruction allowing  for individual attention, without pressure.   From bookwork to the ocean, your instructor is there to show  you the skills to master breathing underwater and become a certified diver.

Course price  includes books, pool sessions, four open water dives, and certification fees.   Equipment rental is not included.  

Discover Keys Diving offers private instruction so you do not feel the peer pressure often associated  with learning diving skills.  All classes can be altered to your schedule.  Open Water Referrals are always welcomed. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. 

For more information concerning online learning or to purchase books email

padi rescue diver   $600

Take your diving to the next level.  Learn to recognize stress in yourself and stress in your fellow divers.  This course will teach you what things contribute to dive accidents and how to manage them.  This is your first step in becoming a dive professional. 

Advanced Open Water, CPR ad First Aid is required to be eligible to take course

Course price includes books, pool sessions,  open water dives, and certification fees.

padi advanced open water  $500.00

Expand your diving credentials. Advanced certification allows you to dive beyond 60ft.  Course includes deep dive, navigation dive and three dives of your choice in the PADI Adventures in Diving Program. 

Open Water Certification is required to be eligible to take course.

Course price includes book,  five open water dives, and certification fees.

Equipment rental is not included.

nitrox  certification  $195.00

Want to explore that wreck a little longer?  Less nitrogen means longer dives.  Learn to dive with O2 Enriched Air (NITROX) We will train you how to plan your dive and use NiITROX(up to 40%) allowing you to customize your dive to your personal blend. 

non diving courses


emergency first responder

o2 administrator

Prices for these classes vary depending on class size and previous certifications.